507: Les Mills' SH'BAM™ Workout

Time Block O - Sunday, 7:00-7:45am
Session Format: Workout

SH'BAM is the new Les Mills dance-inspired workout that features chart-topping hits and hot yet simple dance moves. Developed specifically with fun-loving girls in mind, this energetic but easy-to-follow full-body cardio workout is a blast—and a class that your members will love to do with their friends.

Jericho Mcduffie

IDEA Author/Presenter
Jericho is a Les Mills National Trainer and Presenter, based at Laguna Beach, California. A Les Mill... more less

Matty Perkins

IDEA Author/Presenter
Matty is a Les Mills National Trainer and Presenter for CX30™, BODYVIVE® and SH’BAM™ and a BO... more less