144: Kranking®-The Next Revolution in Fitness

Time Block D - Thursday, 8:00-9:50am
Presented by: Jim Karanas, MS
Session Format: Workshop

Experience the Krankcycle®, an incredible piece of equipment that provides your clients/students with cardiovascular training, cross-training for the lower body, functional training and postural balance for the upper body and core, and alternative strength training needs for individuals that do not like to lift weights. This workshop serves as a basic introduction to the Krankcycle and the Kranking Training System. It will also offer information on the basic operation and use of the Krankcycle and how to integrate this program in your club. Repeated as session 514.

Jim Karanas, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Jim Karanas, MS, has been a trainer of fitness professionals for over 30 years and is the CEO and he... more less