009: Inspirational Leadership: Critical Skills for Personal Training Directors and Group Fitness Managers (L/WS)

Thursday, 12:00-6:30pm
Session Format: Lecture / Workshop

Managing a team of personal trainers or group fitness instructors can be challenging. Hear an inspiring opening address that focuses on leading with conviction and purpose. Then go to one of two breakout tracks: one for personal training managers and one for group fitness managers. Get the information you need to be successful in your role as a manager in the world of fitness today. Lastly, get tips at the closing address focusing on how you, the manager, can grow your career using strategies that the most successful business people use to stay ahead of the competition.

Opening General Session (for All Managers)
Be Extraordinary: Lead With Passion and Purpose
Helen Vanderburg
You have the ability to be an extraordinary leader. Find out how. Explore the top traits of leaders who inspire productivity and cooperation in the people they lead. Examine new ways to empower your team, assist in staff members’ professional development and grow your own career at the same time. Walk away with a renewed purpose and passion to help others to be the best they can be.


Group Fitness: Building Your Team of MVPs
Shannon Fable
Every team needs an MVP (most valuable player)! What would happen if you could turn your WHOLE team into MVPs? Learn the top 10 traits these group exercise dynamos bring to the table, as well as focus on what motivates and drives these key players. Leave with a plan for finding, hiring, creating and retaining a group that will make your job easier and transform your members' experience.

Personal Training: Building an Elite Team of Trainers
Sherri McMillan, MSc
Your program is only as strong as your team of trainers. Explore the key traits you should look for in top-notch trainers, what motivates them and what you can do to get your team performing to their potential. Walk away with a clear plan for recruiting, hiring, managing and retaining a world-class team of trainers. Once you implement these critical systems, your life will get a whole lot easier!

Group Fitness: Top Trends in Group Fitness
Donna Cyrus
As the world changes, so does the fitness industry. Find out how world events have affected group exercise in particular, and explore how successful programming can be created as a direct result of these trends. Walk away with ideas on how to generate revenue by adopting and launching effective programs using current trends to energize and elevate your group fitness classes.

Personal Training: VBR (Value, Benefits and Results)—Shifting Paradigms to Increase Client Retention
Nicki Anderson
The promise of unrealistic results has killed many a client/trainer relationship. Does your club make the common mistake of selling your services by promoting results first? Learn how to teach your trainers how to educate potential clients about the value and benefits of their services and why this translates to greater compliance and client retention. Clients who see their experience as a no-fail proposition will be singing your praises to everyone they know!

3:40–4:10pm - Break (30 minutes)

Group Fitness: No Money, No Problem!
Shannon Fable
Let’s face it; most group exercise budgets are tight these days. So, how can you get your team to do more and be more without any money? Explore a robust system for creating value for your team on less than $25 extra a month. Discover how forging relationships with your personal training department can help increase revenue for your club, which, in turn, should help your stock rise.

Personal Training: Revenue, Results and Raving Fans With Small-Group and Semi-Private Training
Vito LaFata
Small-group training is the new super-fuel that is putting clubs back in the black without adding overhead. Get ideas that will enhance your club’s profits, improve trainer productivity and get clients maximum results. Learn how to launch group-training campaigns that will maximize revenue, fire up your trainers and create raving fans. It’s time to rethink what is possible!

Closing Session (for All Managers)

The Mindset of Success: Set Your Career on Fire!
Trina Gray
Invest energy in designing your career and your life. To be successful in fitness, you must understand business. Explore the habits of successful entrepreneurs: they are unemotional about money, see themselves as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, they take calculated risks, exude confidence, seek to give, focus on learning, know how to recharge themselves and are always driven to go the extra mile. When they fail, they come back stronger. Leave with the power to set your career and life on fire. It all starts with the mindset.

Continuing education credits from certification agencies are pending.

This preconference includes one 30-minute break. (We recommend that you bring a mid-afternoon snack.)
By Shannon Fable, Sherri McMillan, MS, Donna Cyrus, Nicki Anderson, Vito Lafata, Trina Gray, Helen Vanderburg
By Helen Vanderburg, Shannon Fable, Sherri McMillan, MS, Donna Cyrus, Nicki Anderson, Vito Lafata, Trina Gray

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