127 : How to Develop Agile Strength

Time Block B2 - Wednesday, 12:30-1:45pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Michol Dalcourt

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Type: Session

Item: VA15-S127


Strength training and its protocols have been well vetted and defined over many years. They have become a staple in our programs for good reason. Movement based strength training has produced extremely strong and stable farm kids, however, this approach has only been reserved for tasks that usually happen outside of the gym. In this workshop, learn why and how biology is well suited for movement based strength training and how one can incorporate this training into a well-balanced program that includes traditional strength lifts.

About the Author

Michol Dalcourt

Michol Dalcourt IDEA Author/Presenter

Michol Dalcourt is an educator, author, trainer, inventor, and an industry leader in the areas of human movement and performance training. Michol is Director of the Institute of Motion, Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco in Sports Science, and co-founder of PTA Global certification. He is the inventor of ViPR, a fitness tool being rolled out in top clubs and with professional athletic teams. Michol’s innovative techniques have been adopted by many of the top international fitness certification bodies