568 : Hot Topics Huddle: MAPS: Improve How You Move

Time Block H - Friday, 3:30-4:25pm

Session Format : Lecture

by Leigh Crews

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Type: Session

Item: VA19-S568


A round-table discussion in the sponsor marketplace.

About the Author

Leigh Crews

Leigh Crews IDEA Author/Presenter

Leigh Crews is the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year award winner for 2011 and the founder of Dynalife, Inc., a company dedicated to innovative fitness education. She is a Senior Master Trainer for TRXR Suspension Training and a Program Developer for BatukaR. Leigh also serves as an official spokesperson for ACE, a media expert for ACSM and is certified by ACE, ACSM, and White Lotus Foundation. An international presenter and "trainer's trainer", Leigh has appeared on CNN and Headline News, starred in a number of exercise videos and written articles for industry and consumer media. Visit www.LeighCrews.com to learn more.