283 : Health Coaching for Fitness Professionals, Powered by ACE®

Time Block F - Thursday, 2:30-4:20pm

Session Format : Lecture

by Lee Jordan and Anthony Wall, MS

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Type: Session

Item: CA16-S283


With a global obesity epidemic, people need more help than ever. They need someone who can empower them to change their lifestyle behaviors. This session will address what a health coach really does. See how Jordan, a personal trainer turned health coach, set up his business as a health coach and how he works with clients in person and remotely. This session is a must for anyone who wants to become a successful and established health coach professional.

About the Author

Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan IDEA Author/Presenter

After spending much of my life at a healthy weight, I began steadily gaining weight in my 20s. I reached a top weight of 454 pounds, and lived what a “nightmare of a life.” In addition to a myriad of health conditions, I could barely walk and lived tethered to an oxygen tank. After being inspired by my then-friend Beth Jordan, an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, I began my journey to health and fitness by walking 30 seconds every morning down the hallway outside of my apartment. Now over 270 pounds lighter, I am an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach specializing in helping people lose 100-300 pounds and rediscover a life of freedom. My physician endorsed “30 Seconds to Victory” program has inspired multiple people all over the country to change their lives.

Anthony Wall, MS

Anthony Wall, MS IDEA Author/Presenter