191: Gray Institute: Assessment and Solutions for the Foot and Ankle

Time Block E - Friday, 2:10-4:00pm
Presented by: Lenny Parracino
Session Format: Workshop

The foot and ankle is a very complex anatomical structure with 26 irregularly shaped bones, 30 joints, over 100 ligaments, and 23 muscles acting directly on them. The rest of the body and its parts must work harmoniously to achieve efficient movement of the foot and ankle complex. This session takes a look at its ability to change its function depending on the movement performed. You will learn the principles, strategies and techniques that will empower you to assess and address foot and ankle function. This seminar encourages direct participation and interaction, is designed for all health and fitness professionals and applies to all client populations.

Lenny Parracino

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lenny Parracino is a former author, hands on instructor and clinician for The National Academy o... more less