625 : Recovery Based Strategies in Program Design

Time Block D - Friday, 2:00-3:50pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Michol Dalcourt

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Type: Session

Item: WA15-S625


Most would agree the general perspective on workouts is to achieve near volitional exhaustion. Members, clients and trainers alike, mandate that the goal of training is to ‘push’ their clients. This general perception is changing. Programs of the future will involve structured recovery sessions, which clients pay for. They will begin to understand the value these sessions hold toward the attainment of their goals, and ultimately, wellness. This session will expand upon the critical role of recovery from the perspective of movement strategies. Learn why and how to choose certain movements and exercises to achieve optimized physiological restoration. 

About the Author

Michol Dalcourt

Michol Dalcourt IDEA Author/Presenter

Michol Dalcourt is an educator, author, trainer, inventor, and an industry leader in the areas of human movement and performance training. Michol is Director of the Institute of Motion, Adjunct Professor at the University of San Francisco in Sports Science, and co-founder of PTA Global certification. He is the inventor of ViPR, a fitness tool being rolled out in top clubs and with professional athletic teams. Michol’s innovative techniques have been adopted by many of the top international fitness certification bodies