496 : Glutes 'n Abs—Integrating Core Into Everything

Time Block J - Friday, 2:15-4:05pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Peter Twist, MSc

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Type: Session

Item: CA16-S496


A sleek torso, ripped abs and powerful glutes are familiar goals many clients have shared with their trainers. Well, do you want to know how to achieve better than ever results that also transfer to strong powerful movement in life and sport? Re-imagine, re-engineer and re-boot your workouts with mind blowing glute work and core overload to gain optimal results. Learn how to manipulate overload variables for upper and lower body strength exercises, power drills, plyometrics and more into core integrated movement. Look great and move better! 497 Get Ripped and Don't Die Trying—Strength Training Versus HIIT WSTommy MatthewsOvertraining just to look great doesn't have to come at the expense of your health. In fact, it's just a one-way ticket to getting injured! This workshop looks at the benefits of strength training versus HIIT training and how they can be combined for maximum results. Smart training protocols, proper recovery methods, fat burning workouts and other tools for success will be covered in this special workshop. Walk away with new ways to get your clients ripped.

About the Author

Peter Twist, MSc

Peter Twist, MSc IDEA Author/Presenter

Peter Twist, MSc, is the president and CEO of Twist Conditioning, Inc. He is an exercise physiologist with a specialization in coaching science. Having coached in the NHL for 11 years, Peter has worked with over 700 professional athletes. Peter received the National Strength and Conditioning Association's 1998 President's Award and the Can-Fit-Pro 2003 Specialty Presenter of the Year award. Certifications: NSCA