534 : Flex Your Muscles With Body Bar™ FLEX

Time Block K - Friday, 4:30-5:15pm

Session Format : Workout

by Aileen Sheron

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Type: Session

Item: CA15-S534


This session, incorporating the Body Bar™ FLEX, provides both functional and traditional resistance techniques, along with balance, agility and cardio drills. The exercises used in this class can be used with your one-on-one clients as well as in the group fitness setting. Join us for a nonstop workout that will raise the bar in your sculpting classes.

About the Author

Aileen Sheron

Aileen Sheron IDEA Author/Presenter

An innovator and fitness entrepreneur since 1979, Aileen Sheron has starred in over thirty exercise videos and has been featured on TV, radio, and in print as a fitness expert. An international presenter and continuing education provider for over 26 years, she is the inventor of the patented OmniBallĀ®, as well as other products, and consults on product and program development. Certifications: ACE and AFAA