618 : FitBiz Mastery

Time Block K - Saturday, 8:30-10:30am

Session Format : Lecture

by Travis Barnes

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Type: Session

Item: VA19-S618


Are you an owner, manager, leader in fitness or looking to start your own fitness business? If so, then you need SYSTEMs. When you don't have SYSTEMs, you feel like a master juggler with no time freedom and you are capped on how much you can make because you have to do everything yourself. SYSTEM stands for Save Yourself Some Time Energy and Money. Let Travis teach you from his playbook of SYSTEMs that built five locations in less than 4 years.

About the Author

Travis Barnes

Travis Barnes IDEA Author/Presenter

Travis Barnes is the founder and franchisor of Journey 333. He is an ACE certified personal trainer, coauthor of the bestselling book “Results Fitness” written with Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove, author of Journey Fitness with forward written by Todd Durkin and co-author of 52 Amazing Journeys. He is an international presenter and teacher of FitBiz Mastery. It is his passion to teach fit pros how to systemize their business for success. To contact him just email travis@journeyfitnesscoaching.com