809 : Dance 2-4-1: Old School Cardio Jam/ Dance Interval Remix

Time Block P - Sunday, 7:30-9:20am

Session Format : Workout

by Tahneetra Crosby and Alex McLean

10 Ratings

Type: Session

Item: CA15-S809


Join Tahneetra and Alex as they lead you through two workouts in one packed session! First up“we'll take you back in time to when V-steps, grapevines and arm circles were the go-to aerobic moves. This nonstop cardio workout with great music, energy and groove will re-introduce the basics“but with a NEW twist. Next“you'll experience the hottest dance moves in this interval-style dance workout. Intensity will build in three distinct stages: dress rehearsal, intermission and finale. The result will be one great performance! Let's go...5, 6, 7, 8.

About the Author

Tahneetra Crosby

Tahneetra Crosby IDEA Author/Presenter

Tahneetra Crosby is a senior master trainer and development team member with Qignition for QiDance and QiForze. With over 12 years experience as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer, Tahneetra is also a senior course instructor for TRX®. She specializes in personal training, dance, boot camp, resistance and interval-style classes with an emphasis on the fun factor of exercise. Tahneetra created a strength and cardio program as the featured trainer for SELF Magazine's March 2010 SELF Challenge issue. Certifications: AFAA and NASM

Alex McLean

Alex McLean IDEA Author/Presenter