322: Combine360: Athletic Movement

Time Block I - Sunday, 10:05-11:55am
Presented by: Peter Twist, MSc, Combine360 Team
Session Format: Workshop

The C360 testing protocol is the ultimate tool to evaluate all aspects of the "athletic engine" for athletes of all ages. Experience some of the C360 testing protocol for speed, agility and quickness and then learn how to improve movement precision and reaction skills with the Athletic Movement Combine Training methodology. Leave this session with a full understanding of the value of athletic movement assessment and training along with all the tools to implement this training style into workouts for all your clients.


Peter Twist, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter
Peter Twist, MSc, is the president and CEO of Twist Conditioning, Inc. He is an exercise physiologis... more less

Combine360 Team

IDEA Author/Presenter