552: Combine Training Challenge System

Time Block Q - Sunday, 10:20am-12:10pm
Presented by: Peter Twist, MSc, C360 Faculty
Session Format: Workshop

Be better every day! Learn how the Combine360 program will give you the tools to inspire, evaluate, train and challenge athletes. Experience fun, exciting challenge-based exercises that will ignite your clients to achieve new fitness levels. Kids, athletes and active adults desiring a vibrant life can engage in these workouts and then compare their results online with peers across the nation. Under Armour's Combine360 is a measurement of athletic attributes, sport-performance methodology, how-to-train education and workout programming. Discover the process for engaging your clients in an online challenge community where everyone fuels each other to keep training! (Repeated as session 163.)

Peter Twist, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter
Peter Twist, MSc, is the president and CEO of Twist Conditioning, Inc. He is an exercise physiologis... more less

C360 Faculty

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