211: BOSU®: Strong Feet-Strong Body

Time Block D - Friday, 8:30-10:20am
Presented by: Stacey Lei Krauss
Session Format: Movement

Get strong and centered from the ground up using the BOSU Balance Trainer. Strengthen your feet and ankles as you learn techniques to help improve posture and prevent kinetic chain injuries. Stimulate your feet on the unstable surface of the BOSU ball and enhance proprioceptive awareness to reduce stress levels. You will leave this workshop understanding the benefits of barefoot training as well as a variety of foot and leg conditioning routines that will transfer to disciplines such as yoga and Pilates. Learn how strong feet will build a strong body!


Stacey Lei Krauss

IDEA Author/Presenter
Stacey Lei Krauss is the creator of the cardio fusion program The willPower Method®; specializing i... more less