Time Block B - Friday, 6:45-7:30am

Session Format : Workout

by Jonatan Canada

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Type: Session

Item: CA12-S111


Experience the Latin version of BIG DANCE. This is a workout that features different styles of Latin rhythms, including reggaeton, Catalan rumba, aerodance, calipso, soca and more. It’s easy and it’s fun. Everyone is welcome!

About the Author

Jonatan Canada

Jonatan Canada IDEA Author/Presenter

Jonatan Canada has been competing in Sports Aerobics and Aerobic Gymnastics for more than 15 years. He became 20 times World Aerobic Champion. Considered by the International Federation of Gymnastics as the "King of Aerobics" now he became a creative presenter and personal coach. He studied at the University of Physical Education of Barcelona. He is the creator and Director of BIG DANCE, the unique and exclusive cardio workout based on Ballroom Dancing. Now he created and developed the "Canada Training" based on the Pyramidal Training, as the new programs AEROSHOCK for Sports Aerobics Training and CHAMPIONS as the new Indoor Soccer Training.