119: BBU: Pilates Circuit Circus

Time Block C - Thursday, 7:00-7:45am
Session Format: Workout

Pilates and fitness join forces to bring you a tough and challenging workout that incorporates small props, including the reformer, and the Pilates Arc?. This session will blend the music and variety of the fitness world with the stability, strength and length of the Pilates world. By incorporating the use of small props with larger equipment, we’ll add variety and spice to traditional exercises to provide a unique and fun edge to your classes and private sessions.


Lizbeth Garcia

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lizbeth Garcia is the owner of Tilcia Studios in San Diego, California and is a faculty member of Ba... more less

Portia Page

IDEA Author/Presenter
Portia Page is a faculty member of Balanced Body® University and a STOTT PILATES®-certified ... more less