101: Balance and Mobility—Assessment and Training

Time Block A - Friday, 9:00-11:50am
Presented by: Cody Sipe, MS
Session Format: Workshop

An effective balance and mobility enhancement program begins with an individualized assessment battery in order to identify areas of deficiency that increase the risk of falling. This session will teach you a variety of valid and reliable assessments to objectively measure critical aspects of balance control including agility, mobility, functional strength, somatosensation, vestibular control, visual input and overall balance performance. Special attention will be given to scoring and interpreting results. In addition, you will walk away with exercises for the five areas of balance and mobility.

Cody Sipe, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Cody Sipe, MS, is the former director of the Ismail Center at Purdue University and is the 2005 IDEA... more less