724 : ACE®: New Developments and Perspectives on Obesity—Looking at the Big Picture and Winning the Battle

Time Block R - Saturday, 4:20-6:10pm

Session Format : Lecture

by Mark Kelly, PhD

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Type: Session

Item: CA13-S724


Why is the U.S. and most of the civilized world battling the bulge, and why is the obesity rate growing in epidemic proportions? What are we missing? Do trainers really know how to relate to and engage an obese client? Obese clients have special concerns and issues that must be handled appropriately. This presentation takes a very holistic and synergistic approach to providing practical, science-based methods to help trainers help clients escape the prison of excess weight.

About the Author

Mark Kelly, PhD

Mark Kelly, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Mark P. Kelly, PhD, CSCS, has been involved in the fitness business for 30 years as a teacher in universities and colleges, and as a corporate wellness director, trainer, group (boot camp) owner and instructor. A nationally ranked duathlete and competitive runner, he currently teaches exercise physiology at California State University, Fullerton. His company, Principle-Centered Health, specializes in assessments and corporate wellness.