Testimonials from Past IDEA World Fitness Convention™ Attendees

Need more reasons to attend? Check out these testimonials from past attendees. We hope to see you this August in Los Angeles, California!

"IDEA World is THE premier conference for all fitness professionals and enthusiasts!"
-Jennifer Billings, BS, CPT, Group Fitness Trainer
2010 Attendee

"This was my first time at IDEA World. I had always felt that I was "too busy" at work to attend. After this year, I will ALWAYS make time for IDEA. It was educational, inspirational and FUN!"
-Hailee Bland-Walsh, Fitness Director, Downtown Berkeley YMCA
2010 Attendee

"The IDEA World Convention has it all: amazing workshops taught by key leaders in each field of expertise, an opportunity to try new equipment and tools that support our clients’ needs, and a wonderful feeling of being in a worldwide village of like-minded professionals, all eager to learn, explore and grow within the fitness industry. This is my version of being the proverbial kid in the candy shop—there was so much to do, see and learn that I was on a "fitness-high" for days after the event! If you haven't attended, plan on going next year—I'll look forward to meeting you then!"
-Lauren Ray, Owner and Coach, ABsFab Pilates and Core Fitness
2010 Attendee

"It is the Disneyland® of the fitness industry. There's so much to do, you don't want to miss a thing. You get tired and hungry but still, you don’t ever want to leave. There is no way to do it all, so you do what you can and leave, counting down the days until next summer when we can do it AGAIN!!!"
-Bianca Brennan, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor at Malama Fitness
2010 Attendee

"I felt like a little kid running into a toy store when I walked into the Expo Hall."
-Susanna Gayedon, Instructor & Personal Trainer at Total Woman/24Hour Fitness/360 Health Club
2010 Attendee

"I was so impressed with the quality and variety of the presentations at IDEA World. Even in 1 day, I gathered invaluable information and lots of great input and ideas for fun and effective training, insights on digestive health, and a picture of the latest trends and products."
-Diana Lovejoy, Personal Trainer & Triathlon Coach at Lovejoy Fitness
2010 Attendee

"This was my first IDEA conference and I was just blown away with everything about IDEA. I’m looking forward to next year :)"
-Tanya C. Oliver, BS, NSCA, NASM, Fitness Professional at Lifetime Fitness
2010 Attendee

"The IDEA World Fitness Convention is a great way to keep up with the latest research and trends of our always-growing field!"
-April King, Exercise Physiologist
2010 Attendee

"You have raised the bar in educational standards. Keep up the good work!"
-Janice Graham-Welsh, CPT, MES, 40 Plus Fitness
2010 Attendee

"IDEA World is a fabulous opportunity to: (1) keep current on the trends and research pertaining to the fitness industry; (2) connect with other fitness professionals; (3) have 4 jam-packed days of FUN!!"
-Lori Officer, Personal Trainer, Group Instructor, MT, HHP
2010 Attendee

"There is no better place than the IDEA World Fitness Convention to learn all the newest trends in the fitness industry. We learn from the best, we will coach, instruct, or train like the best. Thank you IDEA for being such a wonderful resource."
-Deana Wyland, Fitness Director at Fitness Experience
2010 Attendee

"I love that IDEA brings the absolute best of the academics and practitioners in our field in the world to one spot, so we can learn, absorb and grow as professionals and people!"
-Kiersten Witt, Owner of Fitness Inspired
2010 Attendee

"For me, attending the IDEA World Convention is not a luxury...it's a necessity. Not only does it keep me up-to-date with the latest trends and research in the fitness industry, it keeps my passion alive for my profession!"
-Erin Hayward, Personal Trainer at Franco's Athletic Club, Mandeville, LA
2010 Attendee

"What a fantastic experience! The information I gained from the experienced and knowledgeable instructors was invaluable."
-Maren Dickson, Personal Trainer
2010 Attendee

"I can't wait for next year's IDEA convention. It was the best! I really hope they bring back the LA Showdown! It was tons of fun and a great way to end the overall experience."
-Jennifer Scrofini, Aerobics Instructor
2010 Attendee

"IDEA never disappoints—they put on yet ANOTHER top-notch convention. Thank you and I look forward to next year!"
-Dave Dunlap, Personal Trainer at ClubSport of Pleasanton
2010 Attendee

"IDEA World Fitness is one-stop shopping for all of my educational and product needs!"
-Grace DeSimone, National Director of Group Fitness at Plus One Health Management
2010 Attendee

"Education and inspiration are vital for personal trainers, and IDEA always delivers."
-Tiger Martin, Owner of Fitness by Tiger, LLC
2010 Attendee

"I look forward to this conference all year. Where else can you learn from and connect with the best in the industry?"
-Niki Martino, CPT, Niki Martino Enterprises Inc.
2010 Attendee

"I LOVED this year's location! The JW Marriott was so classy. There were plenty of eating options around the hotel, and getting around the L.A. convention center was very easy. Bravo!"
-Mona Sabrina Al-Haddad, 2010 Attendee

"This was my first IDEA conference and I was very pleased. I enjoyed it greatly. It was very well organized, fun and educational. I went home with a lot of great new ideas to continually make my business better. Thanks!"
-Abby Solomon, MS, 2010 Attendee

"I have only been a trainer for 4 months but this was one fabulous way to begin my career!!"
-Joanne Bradley, 2010 Attendee

"I cannot even count how many years I have been attending the World event and you never disappoint me. This was a top-notch event. Thank you!"
-Dave Dunlap, 2010 Attendee

"The IDEA World Fitness Convention was so fun! Please send my thanks to Peter and Kathie Davis for coming up with this great idea to create such an honorable association (IDEA) for health and fitness professionals to come together for support and to share ideas for the common mission: Inspire the World to Fitness®. This whole experience was an inspiration in itself for me to continue committing myself to greatness so that I may influence and be a role model as best as possible to those inside and outside of the health and fitness profession."
-Nancy Nguyen, 2010 Attendee

"I had an INCREDIBLE time and an AMAZING experience. My weekend at IDEA was very successful and a breath of fresh air. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! :)"
-Ilyse Baker, 2010 FitOrbit Top 10 Trainer, 2009 Reebok JUKARI Fit to Fly Ambassador, 2009 Lululemon Ambassador, 2008 Exercise TV’s Top Trainer in the Country for Dance Instructor
2010 Attendee