Assistant Roster and Schedule – 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention™

Assistant Roster and Schedule for the IDEA World Fitness Convention 2011

Los Angeles, CA
August 11-14
Assistant Information

Posted July 28 — Will be updated regularly.

Thank you for committing to be an assistant for the exciting World event in Los Angeles. Please read through this information and make sure you understand where you need to go and when. And please contact me, Dana at if you have questions or need to make a change to your schedule. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN E-MAIL ON AUGUST 1 WITH FINAL INFORMATION. PLEASE CONTACT DANA ( IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED THIS INFORMATION BY AUGUST 3. THANK YOU.

We have five Assistants shifts for this event — totaling over 200 assistants. As you know, our assistants are vital to the success of any IDEA event and we depend upon you to fulfill your assignment. If you don’t show or don’t fulfill your duties onsite, then you will not be allowed to return to the Assistant Program in the future.

The Assistant Program operates as a work-study program, you are allowed to attend sessions (and receive education) in exchange for the time you work. Assistants do NOT sign up or register for sessions. You attend classes on a space-available basis by waiting in the Stand-by line for sessions. This has historically worked very well.

World 2011 is proving to be one of our most exciting events ever! If you have studied our brochure you know that the week is jam-packed with special guests, parties and celebrations. As an assistant, you are invited to participate in all the activities. We recommend that you clear your calendar from work and other activities during the week so you can fully enjoy the event. The days are long and exhausting — prepare accordingly.

Uniform when you are working the event. Each assistant will be given two shirts to wear when working their shift. Please wear black bottoms (workout pants and sweatpants ok as long as they are professional looking) and comfortable shoes.

Hotel Information: Make your reservations early – both hotels sold out last year.
JW Marriott – 213-765-8600
Wilshire Grand Los Angeles - reservations number is 888-773-8888. More information can be found on our website and in the brochure.

Shift 1 – SETUP Team

Assistants will either work in Operations (OPS) or in Registration (REG).
  • OPS Assistants – plan to arrive by 2pm on Tuesday, August 9. Will work Tuesday afternoon, all day Wednesday and Thursday morning.
  • REG Assistants – plan to start work Wednesday, August 10 at 9am. Will work Wednesday all day and Thursday until 2pm. Report to Attendee Registration in the Convention Center lobby.
Abby Allen
Azadeh Baghai
Nicole Bertucci
Jesse Buster
Heidi Cohen
Pamela Colvin
Lizette Fife
Jaime Gallup
Maggie Harding
Peg Hamlett
Jennifer Leavitt
Melissa Lowe
Dina Mijacevic
Lindsay Stiegler
Benjamin Sturz
Andi Wardinsky

Loretta Benedict
Carol Bowman
Claudia Fountain
Julie Healy
Ali Helms
Dancia Martens
Keli Meyer
Scott Myers
Tanya Pater
Rachel Seligman
Wendy Tilley

Shift 2 -Premier Seminar Assistants

  • Formerly known as Pre-Conference Sessions
  • These assistants will be assigned to work as a Room Monitor for a Premier Seminar on Thursday, August 11 and will then work as a Room Monitor Friday through Saturday (no Sunday assignment unless you request one).
  • Specific Session Assignment is next to your name. Please check the brochure for session time. You are expected to be at the room 30 minutes prior to start time of session. There will 2 assistants per session, so you will be able to give each other breaks during the day. All day sessions will offer lunch breaks - you may want to pack a lunch. Important training meeting Wednesday evening at 7pm, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Please let Dana know if you CANNOT make this meeting and schedule a time to meet Thursday morning.
*= Captain
Katie Allen PS1
Ia Anspach PS4
Briony Ball PS 5
Jennifer Beamer Fernandez PS6
Chrissy Belo (report 7am)
Bianca Brennan PS12
Candice Campbell PS8
Beatriz Castillo PS1
Cynthia Cyrus PS8
Regina De Los Reyes PS5
Ellen Ducote PS11
Jackie Duplechine PS11
JR Galindo PS10
Cappie Geis* afternoon shift
Kathy Gibbs* afternoon shift
Larry Goldzman (report 7am)
Mindy Gruba PS3
Blake Hoard PS10
Stephanie Humphries PS2
Rubi Ipjian PS15
Nicole Jaeger PS7
Robyn Krueger * morning shift
Jay Lamkin PS14
Donna Martz PS13/PS5 in afternoon
Amanda Massie PS12
Kellie May PS16
Carla McEwan PS7
Nicole Mier PS9
Beverly Miller PS15
Nancy Thuong Nguyen PS6
Nancy Norris morning shift * PS15
Margot Rabbitt PS14
Jo Robinson* morning shift
Rufus Satchell PS2
Ginny Schlomas * morning shift
Lisa Yee-Berstein PS9

Shift 3 - Registration Shift

  • Assistants work in Attendee, Presenter or Exhibitor Registration.
  • Report Thursday, August 11 at 3pm
  • Will work shifts Thursday thru Sunday morning.
  • Note change from last year – you WILL work Sunday.
Lita Abella
Gina Bartok
Marc Dungo
Michele England
Florence Fox
Kylah Frye
Jacquetta Furlow-Ellis
Alex Galeth
Nasara Gargonnu
Susanna Gayedon
Cecilia Gordon
Judy Harrison
Darlene Long-Shorts
Maria Malca
Kathy Nguyen
Lorena Paez
Susan Sanchez
Vanessa Santiago
Marjorie Schwartz-Scott
Kiersten Siegert
Saranette Sotomayor
Jan Stevenson
Vangie Valdez

Shift 4 – Expo Hall Assistant

  • Training Meeting FRIDAY, 8/12 at 10am - you can attend the Thursday Room Monitor meeting if you want to get your registration materials and be able to take classes early Friday morning before you report to work.
  • Work a shift Friday, Saturday AND Sunday (note: this is different from past events – Hall open until 3pm on Sunday).
Andria Batise
Elizabeth Bledsoe
Sheila Camba
Shirley Gubatan
Jamie Layco
Kathy Lyons Brown
Leonor Martinez
Norma Prieto
Shelly Summers

Shift 5 – Room Monitors, Operations, Videographer Assistants

  • Plan to attend Assistant Meeting on Thursday, August 11 at 7pm.
  • Arrive between 6:30pm and 7pm to register.
  • This is a very important training meeting and where you will receive your actual schedule – please make every effort to attend.
  • Meeting will be held in Room 411, 2nd floor of the LA Convention Center. You can check in at 6:30pm. Please look for signs for Assistant Meeting.
RM = Room Monitor
OPS = Operations
Vid = Videographer Assistant
PR = Presenter Room

More information regarding specific shifts and times will be added July 26.

Ken Alan – PR
Betty Anderson - RM
Nettie Azoulay – Captain
Mandy Barney - RM/OPS
Cathy Beach - OPS
Linda Bernal - Vid
Rick Bible - Captain
Whitney Blum - Directional/RM
Emily Boll – RM
Geraldine Bowen – RM
Geraldine Cachola-Minas - RM
Alexander Cartagena – RM
Courtney Carr – RM
Candice Carter – RM
Kate Ceredona - OPS
Chih-Kai Chen – RM
Marian Christianson – OPS
Robyn Choiniere – Vid
Kevin Crawford - OPS
Marci Crawford – OPS
Toni Dee - Captain
Israel De La Cruz - RM
Benjamin De La Torre – RM
Emily Deckard - RM
Andrea Dietzen - RM/Dir
Jacinta Elijah – RM
Heidi Engler – RM
Jackie Flietstra - RM
Michelle Fox - RM
Ryan Gans – RM
Edys Gauger - RM
Dino Giannakis – RM
Kaari Gocong – Vid
Paul Gocong – Vid
Ross Goo - OPS
Christine Grogan - Vid
Abby Hamburger - RM
Erin Heberlein - Vid
Masha Henzel – RM
Erin Herbelein - Vid/RM
Greg Hernandez - RM
Wendi Hodgen - OPS
Kathy Hodges - RM
Joseph Ikeguchi – RM
Keiji Ino – RM
Mariya Ioffe - OPS
Cynthia Ixta – RM
Ileen Kell - RM
Kajuan Kennedy - RM
Kaye Kennedy - RM
Lory LaGro – RM
Shawnette Lauritzen-Bukarau - TBD
Eddie Lester - RM
Verna Lewis - VID
Al Lopez - RM
Raul Lopez - Vid
Tina Lorenzana - VID
William Luna - RM
Chris Maberto – Captain
Yvonne Suzette Macias – RM
Christina Maino – RM
Cindy Marlis – RM
Cynthia Marriott - OPS
Deirdra Martinez - RM
Dan Matloff – RM
Debbie Matloff – Captain
Heather Mazzei – RM
Ami McMullen - Float (Speaker Room)
Yohana Medina - RM
Megan Merchant - RM
Razieh Mohajer - RM
Katie Moore - RM
Nanci Mora - RM
Bernadette Morgan – RM
Mandy Muenzer - Vid
Kevin Nguyen – RM
Tony Nunez - OPS
Jennifer Osuna - Captain
Chase Owens – RM
Chris Padgett – RM
Serena Palacios – RM
Joseph Park – RM
Travis Parkyn - OPS
Sharalyn Pettitt - OPS
Angie Pineda – RM
Tamara Pinto - RM
Sharyn Poulson – RM
Eneida Quijas – Vid
Warren Rose - Captain
Akihiro Sakei – RM
Leonardo San Lucas – RM
Sara Sas - TBD
Amalia Schocken - Directional/RM
Christelle Semenjuk - RM
Ryan Slade - TBD
Shawn Strickland – OPS
Leiana Swanson – RM
Andrew Swasey - RM/OPS
Kristin Taylor – RM
Cindy Thatcher - RM
Chloe Thomas - RM/OPS
Thalia Tooke - Vid
Bijal Toprani - Vid
Diana Turner - OPS
Mikilani Van Osdol - Vid
Michelle Victor – RM
Breeanna White - RM/Dir
Jody Whyte - Speaker Ready room
Adrienne Williams – RM