Lead Retrieval FAQ & Forms

Lead Retrieval Devices Are Now Available to Order for the IDEA World Fitness Convention™ on August 12-14, 2011!

What is Lead Retrieval?

Maximize your lead success with our affordable and easy to use MicroScanners, unobtrusive Lead Collection for a more successful Trade Show!

It's more important than ever to capture every solid lead to gain competitive advantage. No more misplaced business cards or tedious data entry to keep you from following up on your valuable leads! Be more successful by spending your time converting your leads obtained at trade show events into sales with ONLINE-REG.COM’s lead retrieval service. You’ll have your leads in your database without all the time and trouble.

How does Lead Retrieval work?

Every attendee (now including Expo Only Visitors!) receives a name badge for the event with a unique barcode printed on the badge. Whether you are on the exhibit floor, or socializing at one of the networking events, you can collect contact information from every attendee you meet with a fast and simple scan of their name badge. Easily capture the prospect’s information without making them fumble for a business card or writing down their contact information.

Special Note:Contact information for registered attendees will include full name, mailing address, e-mail address and contact phone number. Contact information for Expo Only Visitors will include full name and e-mail addresses only.

How do I get my leads?

At the end of the event you simply return the MicroScanner to the Lead Retrieval desk and we take it from there! A link to our innovative Lead Management System will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours after the event providing you with electronic contact records for each and every lead. Send follow up messages right from our system and then click on the download button and an excel spreadsheet will be placed onto your desktop! This spreadsheet can easily be downloaded into most contact management databases (Outlook, ACT, Salesforce, etc.)

iExchange — Reverse Lead Retrieval, what’s that?

As an added value, our system provides your contact information to each person you scan - for easy upload to the prospect’s own database, so they can follow-up with you - in reverse! Attendees will also receive a link to our Lead Management system to view all of the exhibitors that scanned them. They can also communicate with you and download your exhibitor contact information and any marketing materials you may have posted on the Online Exhibitor Community.

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