201: Triathlon Training for Everyone

Saturday, 6:30-10:00am
Session Format: Workshop

If you’ve thought about doing a triathlon before, what better place than San Diego—birthplace of the sport and home to some of the world’s top pros! Enjoy the natural beauty of the area as you participate in a “race-like” experience that will give you the confidence you need to compete in the upcoming triathlon season. This workshop will take you through a super-short swim-bike-run course, as you are guided by top area coaches and seasoned veterans of the sport. Learn open-water entry and exit techniques, transition tips, running and cycling secrets, equipment/clothing choices, and lots more. You’ll have some serious fun and leave with some serious motivation. Note: Fees include transportation, equipment and safety gear. Please bring: SPD cleats or hard-sole shoes, rash guard, cap and goggles.
By Lenita Anthony, MA, Dan Rock

Lenita Anthony, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Lenita Anthony, MA, is an exercise physiologist, Reebok master trainer and national coach for the Re... more less

Dan Rock

IDEA Author/Presenter
Dan Rock is a triathlon competitor. He has participated in the Hawaii Ironman four times and is a na... more less