474: Masala Bhangra Workout™ by Crunch®

Time Block K - Sunday, 2:30-4:20pm
Presented by: Sarina Jain
Session Format: Workshop

The name, Masala Bhangra, is derived from two Indian words: Masala, which means "spicy" and Bhangra, a folk dance celebrating the wheat harvest in India. Dancers gather together and respond to the beat of the dhol (two-sided horizontal drum). As the tempo increases, dancers begin whirling around, beating their feet, shrugging their shoulders, and clapping their hands as they immerse themselves in the spirit of the dance. Spontaneous vigor, vitality, and the beat of the drum are the essence of bhangra.

Sarina Jain

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sarina Jain is founder and creator of the MASALA BHANGRA WORKOUT™. Sarina has been a fitness instr... more less