455: Gyrotonic® Group

Time Block J - Sunday, 9:40-11:30am
Presented by: Vincent Macagnone
Session Format: Workshop

GYROTONIC® exercises AND GYROKINESIS® are making a big entrance this year at IDEA World Fitness Convention®. They’ll have their own room throughout the event so you can easily use the equipment and try both entry-level classes, which will be repeated during the convention. Find out why GYROTONIC equipment and training is being used worldwide in fitness, sports and rehabilitation centers by people of all ages. Repeated as sessions #144, 174, 244, 273, 304, 418 and 484.

Vincent Macagnone

IDEA Author/Presenter
Vincent Macagnone is a GYROTONIC® master Trainer and GYROKINESIS® certified trainer. He owns a Gyr... more less