490: GRAVITY®:: Blast and Furious

Time Block K - Sunday, 2:30-4:20pm
Presented by: Rob Glick, Jeff Groh
Session Format: Workshop

Sample a variety of classes, each one an intense 15-minute superset on the GTS® by efi Sports Medicine. Work shoulders, biceps and triceps, back and chest, buns and legs and of course, abs! All five GRAVITYBlast® sessions in sequence will challenge a different muscle group for effective full-body resistance training designed for everyone.

Rob Glick

IDEA Author/Presenter
Rob Glick is an internationally-acclaimed fitness professional and a professional fitness consultant... more less

Jeff Groh

IDEA Author/Presenter
Jeffrey Groh is the manager of education for EFI Sports Medicine and a senior GRAVITYPersonalTrainin... more less