Client Newsletter product

Send an Personal, Expertly Crafted Newsletter to Your Clients Every Month

Send a Personal, Expertly Crafted Newsletter
to Your Clients Every Month

Don't know the first thing about creating and sending out a newsletter for your clients?
Want to spend your time training clients rather than in front of a computer screen?
This is the service for you!

  • Perfect for fit pros who:
  • Want to send a professional looking newsletter to their clients every month
  • Want to boost client retention
  • Want a professional reminder and touch to leads and past clients
  • Want to grow their email subscriber list
  • Want to be seen as an expert and resource

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How It Works

Step 1
Customize your newsletter with your logo, photo, intro paragraph and more!

Step 2
Every month IDEA's award-winning editor and chief hand-picks 4 articles and 1 exercise video

Step 3
Choose who to send it to

Step 4
Sit back and relax, while your custom newsletter is sent out on the first of every month

Step 5
Track your results and view open and click through rates


40% Off With Code MBCN17

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  • Q. How often will my newsletter be sent?
    1. Your newsletter will be sent on the 1st of every month.
  • Q. Do I have to manually send it every month?
    1. Once you turn on your newsletter for the first time, it will be automatically sent each month.
  • Q. Will the newsletters look like they're from me?
    1. Yes, it will be sent from your email address. Replies to your newsletter will be sent to you.
  • Q. Is access to the newsletter included in IDEA membership?
    1. Yes, it is included in all membership categories. You can either choose the yearly option above or click here.
  • Q. How do I access the newsletter once I buy it?
    1. To access the newsletter, visit your "My Account" page and then click on "Create Client Newsletter" in the "Quick Links" box.