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FiTOUR continuing education

A Lifetime of Learning: Continuing Education is Key

While obtaining continuing education is required to keep our certifications current, it is not just something we “have to do” to get that updated certificate. Continuing education is vital to us meeting our commitment to our clients…and to ourselves

IDEA World 2020

How to Achieve Greatness

About 6 years ago, San Diego–based personal trainer Kevin Root opted not to attend the IDEA World Convention. As a newly certified professional, he felt the event could overwhelm him with information. It’s a choice he regrets.
“Looking back, I robbed myself of valuable hands-on experience and knowledge,” he admits.
Root, who splits his time between boutique studio Bird Rock Fit and a big-box gym, the La Jolla Sports Club, eventually decided that IDEA World was a necessary investment to progress his career. He attended for the first time in 2015.

Amplifying Your IDEA Membership Benefits

It’s part of IDEA’s DNA to keep evaluating our membership model and look for new and relevant ways to increase the value of our offerings to you. This drive for excellence is the holy grail of our Inspired Service deliverables as we strive to help you be the smartest and most successful fitness professional you can be. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to tell you about a few new initiatives that our team has just launched or that are on the cusp of release.

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