If you ever wander the halls of the IDEA office, you may have the good fortune to be greeted warmly with a bright smile from Calvin La, our affable senior inspired service specialist. Always one to approach his work and interactions with kindness and integrity, Calvin has a knack for making you feel at ease.

Calvin and Cailin Penelope Danger

Calvin with his cat, Cailin.

“If you are looking for the definition of Inspired Service, it’s Calvin,” says his manager, Marco Velasco. “He has been instrumental in our mission to deliver the best service possible to all of our customers and has been a true asset to IDEA. The Inspired Service team would not be the same without him!”

Not only has Calvin inspired his teammates, but he’s also undoubtedly made an impression on IDEA members, as evidenced by his favorite customer story. “One of the first people I ever helped on the phone has taken the time to come and find me at all of the IDEA® World Conventions she has attended, just to say hi,” he says.

When he’s not serving up plenty of inspiration, you can find Calvin with his friends playing basketball—his favorite form of exercise—or hanging out with his cat, Cailin Penelope Danger.

Q&A With Calvin

Calvin La and wife Connie

Calvin’s a newlywed! He and Connie married this past December.

Q: What goal are you working toward right now?

A: I’m currently teaching myself to program in Python and JavaScript. It’s really hard to stay studious, but I love the idea of being able to create something.

Q: What is something you feel passionate about?

A: Leaving the world in a better place. Whether it’s leaving a small footprint in the environment or making it better for the people I meet in life, every bit counts.

Q: What new thing have you tried recently, and what’s next?

A: I recently started cutting carbs out of my diet after a lifetime of not dieting, and it feels almost as satisfying as eating pasta and bread. Next would be more excursions to the great outdoors. I recently went camping in some new locations and cannot wait to discover more.

Q: Anything people might not guess about you?

A: Beneath my professional and easygoing mannerism, I enjoy my fair share of dark, twisted and, most likely, not-safe-for-work humor.

Q: What’s one of your greatest accomplishments?

A: Convincing Connie to marry me.