More and more business owners are becoming conscious of how their operations affect the environment. According to the Green Business Bureau, investing in environmentally friendly practices is good for the green that grows outside and the green in the wallet. The organization has developed more than 250 initiatives geared toward helping small and medium-size businesses, including fitness facilities, reduce their carbon footprint and save money. Here are a few ways your facility can go green—plus the potential savings per employee per year that you stand to gain:

  • Do an Energy Audit. Schedule regular professional commercial energy audits to survey consumption and determine avenues for savings. Annual per-employee savings: $88
  • Pull the Plug. Many individual pieces of equipment include personalized televisions that are left running once the pedals have stopped turning. Place signs on the equipment to encourage users to turn off the TV after use. Annual per-employee savings: $68
  • Go Bottle-Free. If your business purchases plastic bottles and has water-cooler jugs delivered, you’re spending plenty of cash. Switch to a bottleless cooler to reduce waste and spending. Annual per-employee savings: $443
  • Ditch Old Dryers. Enhancements in hand-drying technology are paying off. Upgraded dryers use 80% less energy than traditional dryers do. Annual per-employee savings: $375

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