The vast majority of you are not only fitness professionals—you’re entrepreneurs, too. That’s quite a balancing act depending on your knowledge and comfort level when it comes to building, marketing and running a successful business. At MELT, we’ve been there—first as our creator Sue Hitzmann figured out her own business game plan and now, decades later, as we help thousands of certified MELT instructors make the most of their training. We’ve learned a few things along the way, to say the least, so here are a few tips to help bring your business to the next level.

Know Your Why

Dig deep beyond the business and income aspect here and ask yourself why you became part of the fitness industry in the first place. Having a well-defined why is the first step toward doing work that fulfills more than just your bank account. Did you become involved in fitness because you wanted to help people live a healthier lifestyle or become the best versions of themselves? Or maybe because you love the camaraderie of the yoga community or the friendly competition in CrossFit? Pinpoint your why and then let it inform everything you do. Our founder, Sue’s, ‘why’ was a deep compassion for those suffering from chronic pain and a belief that there was a better way to avoid injury and the symptoms of aging. MELT—her pioneering self-treatment for the neurofascial system—changed the game, and the transformations we see unfold inspire and motivate the entire team to do this work.

Own Your Story

Many ‘whys’ start with a personal story. Once you’ve figured out what drives you, ask yourself what led you to feel that way. To use Sue as an example again: her compassion for those in pain began because she went through it herself, an experience that wasn’t prevented even by being at the top of her fitness game. Flesh out your story and make it a part of everything you do. Your journey makes you relatable to clients and, even in a market crowded with competition, there will only be one you.

Find Your People

In this industry (ok, in every industry!) it’s all about community. Networking? For sure, but we even mean beyond that. As much as you can, find your place in or build your own community. This community can be an untapped reserve of clients, or it can be a pool of professionals to bounce ideas off of. At MELT, we have a super close-knit community of instructors. The training process itself is often a bonding experience, but we keep the momentum (and motivation!) going with active invite-only groups on social media and in-person meetups whenever possible.

Get the Support You Need

Being able to accept support starts by recognizing that you can’t be an expert on everything. Save yourself time and hire the pros to help if you can, or use support as a criteria when considering additional certification opportunities. For example, at MELT, we’ve tried to make it easy for our instructors: instructor membership includes downloadable marketing and promotional materials for all outreach efforts, 24/7 support in an instructor forum, product discounts, and continuing education and teleconferences with Sue. You also get a listing on so those searching for a local instructor can easily find you.


Expanding your offerings inherently means more revenue potential, especially if the new offering complements what you’re already teaching. MELT is a perfect example of this. Whether you help the elderly or disabled in a training program, teach yoga or pilates, or work exclusively with elite athletes, each of these groups can benefit from MELT. Offering MELT can even introduce you to a brand new demographic.

Keep Learning

Continuing education is one of the best ways to keep your practice growing and profitable. It also goes hand in hand with diversifying your offerings! If we’ve convinced you that MELT can help your business grow, consider joining us for the next Level 1 training, beginning this September. It’s 100% online and hosted on an engaging platform that allows for both live and flexible pre-recorded lessons.

If you’re interested in learning to teach the MELT Method, register to join us this September! Learn more here.