Content is king—from scrolling through the social media feeds of popular influencers to reading and watching fitness blogs, exercise tutorials and more; if you like to sweat or make a living by making others sweat, then you probably consume a wide variety of content, all of which attracts leads and serves as a retention tool for existing customers.

On this episode of Empowered Entrepreneur, Lashaun Dale, vice president of content, programming and media for 24 Hour Fitness, shares how her company uses content as a marketing tool to attract potential customers, as well as how they leverage it as a retention tool. Dale, who has experience as a creative programming director for group fitness and an international presenter, knows what fitness enthusiasts want and the types of content they engage with. From how to assemble a multi-talented team to the steps used for distribution, Dale shares her process for curating the content that helps promote the 24 Hour Fitness brand.