Fitness professionals focus primarily on client needs and results. During stressful times like the pandemic, it’s important to make time not only for personal self-care but also for professional development, as your business’s future needs may not resemble those of the past. Pamela Dukes, MA, OLY, Olympic and Hall of Fame athlete and certified professional coach in Dallas, offers the following tips:

  • Develop your knowledge base around COVID-19. Understand what effects someone may have, even after recovering from the disease.
  • Consider learning more about mental health issues. Since some people are experiencing sadness or possibly depression from the pandemic, learn more about these conditions and how you can help (within scope of practice). Some clients may have lost someone close to them or experienced a personal health crisis. Coursera ( offers inexpensive and free classes.
  • Try a side hustle. Evaluate your skills and interest, and add a new service. For example, you may want to get the education you need to offer nutrition advice.
  • Work with a professional coach in areas you’d like to strengthen, such as building your business or improving goal acquisition.

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