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Personal Training on Demand

By IDEA Authors | December 31, 2003 |

As a personal trainer the only option you have to provide personalized service is to give one-on-one sessions, right? Many clients can’t afford that. You may decide to do small-group training, but what about clients who’d like to pay even less and still get personal service, or those who want the attention but don’t like…

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IDEA Code of Ethics: Group Fitness Instructors

By IDEA Authors | October 31, 2003 |

As a member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association, I will be guided by the best interests of the client and will practice within the scope of my education and knowledge. I will maintain the education and experience necessary to appropriately teach classes; will behave in a positive and constructive manner; and will use truth, fairness and integrity to guide all my professional decisions and relationships.

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Evaluation Strategies

By Julie McNeney | October 31, 2003 |

That dreaded time of year has come again. You have to justify exactly why your boss should open up her tightly wrapped wallet to increase your pay. Some employees see this as an anxiety-filled experience, while others view it as an opportunity to showcase their talent and worth.

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Blueprint of a Startup (Part 2)

By Justin Price, MA | September 30, 2003 |

In the June issue, I sketched out the first phases of setting up your own personal training business, based on my own experiences. The steps outlined in the June article showed you how to assess the market for your services, write a business plan, secure the necessary financing and find a suitable location. Now here…

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The Best Mentors for Women: Male or Female?

By April Durrett | September 30, 2003 |

When personal training was a new industry, many trainers did not have mentors because they were the pioneers. Now, times are different. Savvy personal trainers know that good mentors can boost their careers. (See “The Mentoring Pathway” on page 34 of the March 2003 IDEA Personal Trainer.)

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Climbing the Wall Between Instructors and Personal Trainers

By IDEA Authors | August 31, 2003 |

Like many other group fitness instructors, I am making the transition to personal training (while keeping my classes). However, I am sensing resistance from the personal trainers at the club where I work. They act as though I have no knowledge, skills or industry longevity. What can I do to climb the wall dividing “trainers”…

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Mind Your Own Business (Free!)

By April Durrett | June 30, 2003 |

If you own a PFT business, take advantage of free access to an online classroom of business courses, workshops, information resources, learning tools and counseling assistance through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s E-Business Institute Web site.

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More Than Luck

By Petra Kolber | May 31, 2003 |

The number one question I get from convention participants is “How do I become a presenter?” Oprah Winfrey said it best: “Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” Although I was lucky to partner with Reebok early in my career, I had paid my dues long before this relationship began. When I worked in…

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Surviving a Tax Audit

By Tom Holland, MS | March 31, 2003 |

We work hard as personal trainers. Many of us invest a great deal of not only our time but also our hard-earned money in our chosen profession; expenses such as certifications, uniforms, CPR training, continuing education credits, business cards and fitness equipment really add up. The good news is that a significant portion
of the costs of doing business can be itemized as deductions. The bad news is that, because personal training is still a young profession, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) doesn’t always readily understand our deductions.

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How the Income Flows

By Patricia Ryan, MS | February 28, 2003 |

Personal training is a popular activity because it helps clients achieve their goals. Although a new membership package may include several personal training sessions, over time the client pays extra for personal training. Often, businesses split the fee with the trainer.

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Increasing Our Knowledge of Healthy Eating

By IDEA Authors | January 31, 2003 |

The quantity of media reports on nutrition and weight management seems only to increase every year. Research in nutrition, as in most sciences, is leaping at such a rate that while the body of knowledge is expanding, the interrelations being uncovered are not always fully understood.

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Battling Burnout

By IDEA Authors | January 31, 2003 |

Q:A:Burnout: Old topic for many instructors, but new to me! What can I do to overcome the burned-out feeling I’ve had lately when teaching? I can’t afford to take a break from instructing fitness classes. Plus, my club is facing a real instructor shortage right now. So, what else can I do to get out of my blah rut and be excited again about my classes?

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Fitness Getaways

By Marlon Ransom | December 31, 2002 |

Vacation. For most, the word evokes images of sunny beaches, ski slopes and drinks with tiny umbrellas in them. However, for personal trainers, it conjures images of bills piling up because of income loss. Whether you or your clients take a trip, the result for you is the same: diminished finances. Many trainers simply adjust…

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2002 IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Survey

By Patricia Ryan, MS | December 31, 2002 |

It’s no secret that the success of a fitness business relies on the people who work in it. A business with modern equipment, a desirable location and plenty of parking still needs creative and attentive staff who can keep people exercising. The good news is that, even though the overall U.S. economy has been lagging,…

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Evaluations: There Must Be a Better Way, Problem Solver

By IDEA Authors | October 31, 2001 |

Arrgghh! Evaluation time again! I find the whole process of having my teaching performance evaluated so nerve-wracking and artificial. I worry beforehand about doing well; then I feel my evaluator cannot get a true picture of my long-term relationship with each class; and lastly, not much ever happens as a result of my evaluation. Any suggestions or subtle words of wisdom I can give to my director to make our time spent on evaluations more worthwhile? Do any instructors have successful experiences with performance evaluations they can share with me?

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Think Beyond the Walls (nontraditional teaching opportunities)

By Shirley Archer, JD, MA | March 31, 2001 |

Did you know that innumerable teaching opportunities exist beyond the conventional health club setting, which caters mostly to the already fit? The truth is that moneymaking options for group fitness leaders are plentiful—if you are motivated to move beyond the comfortable limits of traditional facilities and if you widen your clientele to encompass those who are less fit.

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What Are the Pay Scales Around the Country?

By IDEA Authors | February 28, 2001 |

Average hours worked and compensation for the industry were reported in the January 2001 issue of IDEA Health & Fitness Source. These charts break down those results into regions. When looking at the numbers, consider that the region includes big cities and suburban areas, as well as small towns.

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Memorize and Be Memorable

By Karen Asp, MA | March 31, 2000 |

You’re a whiz at creating choreography. Now if only you could remember the combinations every time you taught. Or maybe you’re one of those people who can remember every face you see, but when you have to put a name to a face, your memory freezes.
Do these scenarios sound familiar? Then read on. Memory experts and veteran instructors have a few unforgettable tips for strengthening your memory. Give these suggestions a try, and remembering names and choreography will soon be a snap.

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Dial-A-Combo: Creating Choreography

By IDEA Authors | February 1, 2000 |

Brand-new or laden with experience, group fitness instructors all around the globe face a common challenge: creating fresh choreography. This need may be fueled by our personal expectations and preferences or the sense that our participants are ready to move on. Regardless, we strive for something exciting that will inspire us, motivate them and add…

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