Training for Growth
By Douglas S. Brooks, MS

Capitalizing on Referrals
Cultivate your existing core of clients to capture even more business. Now that you’re keeping your existing clients satisfied and happy, the timing is right to ask, “How do I get more clients?” The answers include service, trust, results and personal referrals. Part of your marketing campaign is grassroots and ongoing in nature. Because a majority of new clients will result from client referrals, expand this word-of-mouth gold mine. A personal referral implies an implicit trust and confidence in your services. Satisfied clients are usually very enthusiastic when it comes to recommending a service that has had a significant impact on their personal well-being, health and fitness, but you have to ask for business. Let people know that you have openings for clients. Many of my clients know that I am very busy and are often surprised to find that I have openings for additional clients. Although many clients express an interest in referring new business, most never follow through. Reasons range from forgetfulness to lack of incentive. What will remind and entice clients to refer people to your business? During special holiday seasons, or on a quarterly or semiannual basis, it’s a good idea to contact clients and thank them for their business. Remind them that if they refer someone to your business and that person becomes a client, they will receive a complimentary session. Additionally, cards and fliers should be available at the training site and regularly sent with invoices or other business mailings. a friend, family member or business associate how much they enjoy your service. Give people something to talk about–as long as it is positive–and you’ll never need to advertise. This is especially true of personal training. It is essential to preserve positive word of mouth about your business and training skills. This kind of client testimonial will always be your best marketing tool. Successful trainers repeatedly affirm that personal referrals are their primary, if not only, source of new client referrals. Successful businesses that provide excellent service can derive 80%