In today’s climate, fitness professionals have been left without their normal routine, isolated from their clients or members, and feeling uncertain about their future. Rather than waiting for life to return to “normal” or for opportunities to open up, propel yourself forward by investing in your education. Mastery doesn’t happen overnight, and the process is never finished. Why not take this time to gain a competitive edge? Here are 5 reasons to take action now:

1. Try Something New

Adding a new certification can reinvigorate your love of exercise and give you the tools to create even more life-changing fitness experiences. Have you always wanted to pursue a new certification, but never had the time? Now is your chance, with many companies running  online trainings that will allow you to add that new program you have been dreaming about without waiting for an in-person training to come to you.

2. Grow Your Network

Share your passion for fitness and meet other rock star instructors across the globe. While in-person connection can be challenging right now, there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with members of the global fitness community. Take advantage of social media to network with fellow instructors who inspire you, and use your own platforms to share your journey and passion for creating a fitter planet. Looking for a deeper connection? Consider signing up for a small-group workshop where you can learn something new while getting to know others in the instructor community.

3. Boost Your Confidence

You’re already working hard to help people change their lives through fitness, and taking time to develop your craft and master new skills will allow you to have an even greater impact. You have your choreography down, but how can you take your coaching to the next level? There are many resources to help you look inward and develop your strengths as an instructor and leader, while improving your ability to connect with participants. One option is an online Advanced Training, designed to help you bring your natural talents to the forefront and build confidence as you are coached by others to reach your full potential.

4. Gain Knowledge

The best instructors know that learning is a lifelong pursuit. Take advantage of free online webinars to explore new ideas and learn about different aspects of fitness, coaching, nutrition and personal development. Every upskill session you attend will give you more tools to add to your teaching toolbox, and having a wide range of knowledge will set you apart from other instructors and allow you to better inform and inspire your participants.

5. Increase Employment Opportunities

At the end of the day, we all want to earn a living, and how do we maximize our chances of employment? By having more skills to offer! The great news is that Initial Training has now been transformed into an online format, with all programs available. This is super exciting as it means you can still train in new programs, ready to pick up new classes in the future.

Forty years in evolution, Les Mills is the gold standard in Instructor Training. You’ll experience a transformational journey of self-discovery that blends the best of instructor education, sports coaching, actor training and personal development – leading to mastery of teaching group workouts, packing studios and creating life-changing fitness experiences for the members of your classes.

Master your skill. Become a Les Mills Instructor.