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Should You Use Nootropics In The Gym?

Cognitive enhancers are one of the newest and most exciting supplement categories on the market right now.Nootropics – supplements designed to enhance various aspects of mental performance – are not new. They’ve been around in one form or another for decades now. The term was actually first coined in the early 1960s to refer to Piracetam. This pharmaceutical is thought to significantly increase focus and information processing in a very short space of time. However, it has serious drawbacks (side effects, dependency, etc).

How To Boost Your Gym's Customer Service

List of Top 8 Movies That'll Make You Want to Hit the Gym

A few years ago, it was considered that gym is the place where a man can only go to make body but later female and male artist, sportsman especially movie stars changed this old perception. Now, the gym is the place where both woman and man can transform their bodies into attractive shapes.

Home Gym: Don’t Ignore These Basic Maintenance Requirements

You’re staying fit, working out at home and all of a sudden, your gym equipment breaks. You might even have adjustable dumbbells, and one drop on the floor can cause them to break. It's important to handle and maintain all of your equipment properly.If you have a home gym and are neglecting basic maintenance, you may be voiding the warranty on your equipment, too.

Is Your Home Gym Making You Sick?

 When we hit the gym at the YMCA or fitness chain, we always wipe down the equipment and hope everyone else is doing the same thing, but what about at home? Is hygiene important in your private gym? 

How Safe Is Your Gym Equipment? 7 Things to Consider

 The equipment at your local fitness facility (or in your home gym) is probably designed to keep you safe. But at the same time, these pieces of equipment often involve fast moving parts, or heavy weights, or are used while you’re in a vulnerable position.

5 Tips for Getting Back in the Gym After an Injury

 One minute everything is fine and the next you find yourself injured. Whether it’s a broken bone, sprained joint, laceration, concussion, or something much more serious, injuries like these will keep you out of the gym for a while. Knowing how to return in a safe manner is key. How to Make a Safe Return to the Gym 

Top 4 Strategies To Market Your Gym

Kettlebells – A Perfect Addition to the Home Gym

You’ve probably heard some of the hype about kettlebells, but what exactly are they? Well, they were originally used to measure grain in Russia over 100 years ago, and measured in poods, with one pood being around 35lb.Made famous by various circus strongmen, they were almost forgotten, till they were resurrected and brought to the states by Pavel Tsatsouline, (who’s written a number of super-useful books for would-be kettlebell strongmen!). From there they took off massively.

March Workout (Cardio and Strength) and Musings

March Cardio Program Two Days a WeekFR"Connect"Wake Up -5 inchworms to Alternating Runners Stretch w RotationConditioning: Row 400m or Run .25 miles Rest exact amount of time you complete Row or Run Repeat 5 rounds trying to maintain pace Strength Workout #1-“The 300”