Welcome to My Fitness Blog! I teach strength training, circuit training and step classes to a wide range of fitness levels including beginners to advanced.  I love to watching members get acquainted to their bodies and what they can do.   


LATIN JAM as a recreational physical activity improves health to those who practice it since it enhances the cardiovascular, metabolic, and musculoskeletal systems, contributing to the decrease in body weight, thanks to the intensity of exercises.



Getting What You Want

When I tell people that they can have and do anything they want in life, they often look at me with a smirk and an appeasing head nod.  "Oh geez, here's another New-Age, freak job"...Well, smirk all you want non-believers because it's true!  What does it take to obtain anything you want? DESIRE and a PLAN. If you truly believe that you will achieve your goals and keep your eye on the prize, then guess what? It's already yours!  Let me break it down real simple for you--   

Am I a blogger now?

This is interesting.  I'm quite used to maintaining my Facebook page and I always seem to have a lot to say.  I'm not sure the same will be true with a blog.  Somehow it feels like there is more pressure to clever and brilliant and have all the answers to the questions that no one is asking.  Does that even make sense?  Oh well, here I am, blogging!!   

Weight Training & Fat Loss

After working with men & women in the fitness arena for over 25 years, I have become a real advocate for including weight training as part of a fat loss program. As an ex pro bodybuilder, I can say that helping my clients change their body composition, by incorporating weight training, is a true passion of mine!

Fitness Connect

I am so excited to be blogging through Fitness Connect!  It's a long time coming for professionals to have a forum like this to connect with the world around us. 


On being Political

I've never been a fan of the phrase or practice of being "politically correct".  Basically it means to me, say what others want to hear whether you believe what you are spewing or not. It means to disguise the reality of what you believe with lovely words and platitudes and warm and fuzzy feelings so no one is offended or forced to face the truth, because as we all know, the world comes to an end when we are faced with the truth.  I am not saying to throw away good manners, tact, empathy, sympathy and all the other golden rule niceties.  What I am saying is being  p

2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention Wrap-Up: If You Weren't There, Read Here!

This morning I drank a small cup of fully leaded coffee. The last time I ingested caffeine purposely was 2-1/2 years ago and it wired me so hard I was up for almost 48 hours. Before that, it had been 11 years since my last cup of coffee. But after 5 days of 2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles, I needed something to light a fire under me. When you run on pure adrenaline for several days, you eventually hit the wall, and today was my day for the collision. 
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