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Tom Holland

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Running a Beach Fitness Camp

April 22, 2016

Most people look forward to summer. For personal trainers, however, and especially those just starting out, the months of June through August often bring a dramatic decrease in income. Many clients go away on vacation, some of them for weeks and even months— and if they’re not training, then they’re not paying.

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Surviving a Tax Audit

March 31, 2003

We work hard as personal trainers. Many of us invest a great deal of not only our time but also our hard-earned money in our chosen profession; expenses such as certifications, uniforms, CPR training, continuing education credits, business cards and fitness equipment really add up. The good news is that a significant portion
of the costs of doing business can be itemized as deductions. The bad news is that, because personal training is still a young profession, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) doesn’t always readily understand our deductions.

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Managing Data With Excel Charts

September 30, 2001



By Tom Holland

Managing Data With Excel Charts
Organizing information into efficient chart formats is a smart move for your business.


ersonal training is a business, and the most successful trainers treat it as such. This means that a trainer must diligently maintain accurate and comprehensive records for all clients, all of the time. While you do not have to be a computer exp…

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