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Susan M. Tendy, EdD

Susan M. Tendy, EdD, is an assistant professor of physical education at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York, where she directs the group exercise leadership, gymnastics and fiure skating instructional programs. She holds a doctoral degree in instrucitonal leadership and several fitness certifications. She would love to hear from you via e-mail ([email protected])

Article Archive

How Fast Is That Music?

March 16, 2010

When you teach group fitness classes, music is probably the most important “equipment” you work with. Appropriate music speed is a key ingredient in both motivation levels and exercise safety. Having an arsenal of premixed, measured and timed music is a convenient and popular way to prepare for class. Music technology has come a long way; fitness CDs, MP3s and music management software help us gather all the information we need.

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Digital Mentoring

January 31, 2004

Do you remember who taught you how to lead a group fitness class? Did you have a mentor who showed you the ropes? Maybe you obsessively took notes at fitness conventions or taught yourself by watching videotapes. Regardless, at one point or another we were all beginners—now it’s our turn to teach the next generation.…

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January 31, 2000

Brand-new or laden with experience, group fitness instructors all around the globe face a common challenge: creating fresh choreography. This need may be fueled by our personal expectations and preferences or the sense that our participants are ready to move on. Regardless, we strive for something exciting that will inspire us, motivate them and add…

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