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Stacy McCarthy

Stacy McCarthy is an award-winning and internationally recognized fitness and yoga expert, making significant contributions in inspiring the world through the body, mind and spirit. She is a multiyear finalist for IDEA Instructor of the Year, and a college professor of kinesiology, health and nutrition, specializing in yoga studies; her students affectionately call her Yoga Namastacy. Stacy has developed a collection of best-selling videos, books and trainings, and has contributed her expertise to countless media outlets and conferences. Since 1983, she has created trainings that are physically balanced, energetically empowering, mentally focusing, spiritually uplifting and designed to transform lives.

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Article Archive

The ABCs of Teaching Yoga

December 5, 2018

What makes a yoga teacher skilled, effective and relatable? In reality, you could answer this in several ways, but there are some key principles that make up the foundation of a teaching practice. Let’s call them The ABCs of Teaching Yoga.

Surprisingly, the ABCs are not always taught in professional training programs, and many teachers find themselves stumbling through their classes when just starting out. The good news is you don’t have to! I’ve outlined everything you need to know here.

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