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Scott Cole

Scott Cole has presented in over 30 countries and appeared on The Food Network, CNN, The View, WebMD and in over 500 publications in his mission to ÔÇ£increase wellness literacy.ÔÇØ

Article Archive

Children & the Mind-Body Link

December 7, 2007

It is something of a modern paradox: Although kids today seem wiser to the ways of the world, their bodies are more unhealthy and deconditioned than ever. There are many demands on children’s attention these days; but, unfortunately, very few of these involve healthy levels of interactive play or connection to nature. The conveniences and “advances” of…

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moving slow in a fast world

August 31, 2004

In an era in which Americans are primarily concerned with losing weight and gaining muscle mass, it is no wonder that the slow-moving martial art of tai chi has been a bit of a hard sell.
Tai chi won’t fold under your bed for easy storage, nor will it claim to reduce inches off your waistline in “just 3 minutes a day.” The reality is, however, that those who practice tai chi are likely to get stronger, have less anxiety, move more organically and gracefully, improve their balance and enjoy more flexibility.

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