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Pamela Light

Pamela Light is a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA with a bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology, a Master’s in writing, and 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry. You can find videos of Tape Box workouts in her Facebook group, Pamela’s Light and Fit Community.

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Six Steps to Securing the Class of Your Dreams

December 22, 2015

You want to teach at “Big Gym,” where all the serious athletes train. The problem: The ink is still drying on your certification. Although it will take patience, here are the steps that will get you there:

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Rookie Undercover: Bypassing Common Mistakes

August 28, 2015

September marks my 23rd year leading group fitness. A lot has changed since I started teaching. Women are no longer afraid to pick up a pair of dumbbells heavier than 3 pounds, and high impact has given way to high-intensity interval training. What


changed is what it takes to be a strong group fitness instructor. It’s normal to make mistakes, and over the years I’ve made them all. Read on to learn from my rookie flubs and how to avoid making them yourself.

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Functional Strength Training Combinations

February 19, 2015

Functional training essentially involves moving the body through different planes of motion while working multiple muscle groups and challenging balance. This Add It Up! strategy includes an upper-body move, a lower-body move, a core exercise that offers active rest, and then a compound movement using the same strength exercises.

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Sample Class: Add It Up!

January 19, 2015

There are several ways to define “functional training,” but essentially it involves moving the body through different planes of motion while working multiple muscle groups and challenging balance. While complex moves are perfect for one-on-one training, teaching functional movements to a large group is also possible with a straightforward strategy that allows for modification.

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Should You Freestyle or Prestyle?

September 23, 2013

Are you having problems deciding whether to jump on the prechoreographed workout bandwagon or stick with the more traditional “freestyle” method of teaching? Let’s look at both.

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Renew, Recycle and Reuse Your Ideas

April 26, 2013

?Whether you teach sculpting classes, Pilates or step, you likely feel pressure to deliver a top-notch, innovative and motivational workout week after week. You are part deejay, part emcee and part physiologist as you stay on the beat, execute perfect form and deliver cues a beat before you move.
How do you consistently deliver a fresh, rock star–style performance without investing hours of prep time (that you honestly don’t have)? Keep great records and refine your focus! Here’s a 3-month—and beyond—plan that will take your classes from stale to stunning.

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Sample Class: Kids’ Kickboxing

December 20, 2012

Kids naturally love to move. Why not take advantage of their innate urge to wiggle? This kickboxing class not only helps kids strengthen their muscles and hearts; it also teaches body awareness, coordination and balance. You’ll even provide an environment that builds self-confidence; however, students won’t know that! They’ll just remember how much fun they had and will spend the rest of the day showing everyone the cool moves they learned in class.

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