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UPDATE 11/30: As mentioned course access is inaccessible at this time. We expect it to be live by 12/1 or sooner. Please check back for updates. Thank you for your patience.

P. Anderson

Paula Anderson, MS, is co-owner of Fitness ETC (www.fitness-etc.com), a Central California-based service providing fitness instructor training. An IDEA presenter and master trainer for the Star Trac® Precision Cycling and Resist-A-Ball® C.O.R.E. instructor training programs, Paula has taught group exercise classes since 1976 (when the entire warm-up was static stretching!). A former champion bodybuilder and personal trainer, she holds numerous fitness certifications.

Article Archive

Keeping Pace With Step

May 31, 2001

After more than a decade, step classes are still going strong. Our longtime, dedicated steppers are growing ever stronger—or so we assume. And our step teaching awareness is at an all-time high—or is it?

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The Active Range Warm-Up: Getting Hotter With Time

March 31, 2000


By Paula Anderson, MS

The Active Range Warm-Up:
Getting Hotter With Time


n the early days of group fitness when everyone wore leg warmers and exercised to Jane Fonda tapes, the warm-up portion of a typical cardio conditioning class included moves borrowed from ballet, jazz dance and yoga. Unending head turns, pli…

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