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Functional Strategies for Older Adults

April 25, 2013

Exercise for older adults is one of the hottest specialties in fitness today. How do you assess function levels and develop safe, challenging programs? We asked instructors to tell us about their strategies for senior clients.

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Uniting the Industry: Transformation Stories

March 14, 2013

Few conditions are more common for Pilates students than knee and hip problems—and few solutions are more effective than Pilates exercises. Here are two successful stories of client transformation.

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Taking Care of the Teacher

October 2, 2012

What steps do you take to maintain wellness, balance and perspective? We asked instructors to talk about their self-care strategies and why they matter for career success.

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The Happiness Factor, Part Two

August 20, 2012

Do you think of yourself as being in the happiness business? Whether you know it or not, you are. Happiness and all its related positive emotions—optimism, purpose, life satisfaction and a sense of well-being, to name a few—are powerfully linked with health (as we reviewed in the June issue of IDEA Fitness Journal). One of the most valuable keys to sustainable happiness may be exercise—bingo!

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Uniting the Industry: Transformation Stories

August 3, 2012

How can Pilates help clients make critical transitions in their lives? For this issue, we talked to Pilates instructors and their clients about how Pilates training has helped them through times of change.

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United We Stand

July 1, 2012

It’s unlikely Joseph Pilates would have imagined today’s multifaceted Pilates scene with its army of variously trained instructors reaching around the globe, teaching in a multitude of settings and embracing nearly as many styles as there are instructors. No wonder unity has been a central issue for a community that wants to retain the key…

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The Happiness Factor

May 17, 2012

Do you know how happy your clients are? And are they happy to see you? As the old joke goes, “Some people cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” But seriously, in which category would your clients put you? As it turns out, happiness is no laughing matter. Your clients’ health and longevity—not…

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Equipment: Which Items Are Favorites?

May 3, 2012

What piece of Pilates equipment is your favorite, and why? For this issue, we asked instructors to share their equipment preferences, along with teaching tips and equipment mistakes to avoid.

Multitasking on the Chair

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Uniting the Industry: Transformation Stories

March 2, 2012

Can the group Pilates experience provide substantial benefits to clients? Nothing speaks louder than results! For this issue, we asked Pilates instructors and their clients to talk about the transformations they’ve experienced from group Pilates classes.

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Marketing Secrets From the Pros

December 23, 2011

What can you do to bring clients through your doors? We asked studio owners and program directors to tell us their marketing secrets: What works to attract students to Pilates programs—and what doesn’t work?

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It’s All in the Brain: Unlocking the Secrets of Overeating With Neuroscience

October 14, 2011

Weight problems may be all in your head—or at least in your brain, according to an emerging body of brain-imaging work and related research on cravings, overeating and addictive responses to food. Daniel Amen, MD, one of the world’s best-known neuropsychiatrists, has worked with tens of thousands of patients from 90 countries for more than 20 years and has recently gathered results and insights related to the brain-fat connection in his best-selling book, The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off (Crown 2011).

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How Do You Address Misconceptions About Pilates?

October 11, 2011

Dispelling Myths With Great Instruction

“‘Pilates is mostly for women.’ Because of this myth, we work hard to make sure our men’s class is outstanding. We designed it to enhance running, cycling and surfing, and all of our men comment on how the class has positively impacted their sport. It’s fantastic to see strong men get blown away by the subtle posture corrections and use of the core muscles. By the end of a session, they are sweating and high-fiving us for a great workout.

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Finding Balance With Tai Chi

August 30, 2011

Over 35 years ago fitness industry visionary Ruth Stricker discovered tai chi, and it changed everything. “Tai chi is my favorite subject,” she laughs. “I’ve been to China 14 times—I kept going back because I just love the philosophy. It was the philosophy of tai chi that inspired The Marsh.”

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How Do You Maintain Mind-Body Awareness in Group Classes?

August 1, 2011

Can students fully understand and experience the mind-body nature of Pilates amid the distractions and diversity of a group class setting? We asked instructors to tell us what they think and to describe how they strive to create and maintain mind-body awareness during group classes.

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Pilates Transformations

June 30, 2011

?In the world at large, real transformation doesn’t happen every day. In the world of Pilates, transformation is all in a day’s work—or play. Ask instructors about clients who have made dramatic changes through Pilates, and the stories pour in.

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Take the IDEA World Fitness Challenge!

May 25, 2011

How daring are you? What will it take for you to risk the status quo and stretch beyond your comfort zone to create a new success story for yourself? You’ll have hundreds of opportunities to challenge yourself with brand-new programs, equipment and research, inspiring personalities, groundbreaking experts and in-depth education opportunities at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention™, August 11-14, in Los Angeles.

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How Safe Are Pilates Programs?

April 29, 2011

As more people of all ages and fitness levels practice Pilates, and instruction becomes more diverse, concerns about safety have also become more prevalent. How safe are Pilates programs today? We asked instructors to tell us what they think are the most important safety challenges in the industry.

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Staying in the Fitness Game

April 4, 2011

How do you succeed in the fitness profession? Whether you’ve just gotten certified, you’re returning to a fitness career or you’re an experienced pro who wants to develop new skills, the answer is the same: keep learning. Continuing education is a career necessity that becomes increasingly important as the fitness industry grows more sophisticated, diverse, specialized and evidence-based.

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What Characteristics Define Good or Mediocre Pilates Instruction?

March 7, 2011

High-quality instruction may well be the deciding factor for maintaining excellence and integrity in the Pilates industry. But what defines quality instruction? In our last issue, we brought you some perspectives on the difference between good and mediocre Pilates teaching. Because so many of you responded to this topic, we are presenting part two.

Quality Shows in the Cues

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