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Lenita Anthony, MA

Lenita Anthony, MA, is an exercise physiologist, Reebok master trainer and national coach for the Reebok WomenÔÇÖs Triathlon Series. She is also a contributing editor for IDEA publications.
Certification: ACSM

Article Archive

Optimizing RPM

April 30, 2007

If you teach indoor cycling, you’ve probably led some type of cadence drill. Have you ever explored cadence beyond that? The cycling term used for pedaling speed, cadence refers to the number of crank revolutions per minute (rpm). While
cadence alone cannot reflect effort, it is
a critical variable that cyclists use to
manipulate intensity and efficiency. Small computer…

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Triathlon Training for Real Women

May 31, 2004

After 20 years of training for and competing in triathlons, I’ve grown accustomed to the reactions many people have when the subject comes up in
conversation. Common responses are “What are you, crazy?” and “No way could I do that!” or “How in the world can you find time?” What these people don’t know is that, unless you’re Ironman-bound, triathlons are not just for the superfit athlete, compulsive exerciser or wealthy retiree with too much time and too little to do.

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Surf Conditioning

May 1, 2003

Like the increase in size of incoming sets as a storm swell arrives, the growth of surfing’s popularity has been nothing short of mesmerizing.

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Report Says Probiotics Important Yet Missing From Some Products

April 30, 2003

Probiotics, microorganisms that actually benefit the body by helping to fight disease and maintain the health of the intestinal tract, have become quite popular as nutritional supplements. Indeed, since January 2002, their sales in natural-products supermarkets have grown by more than 14 percent; more than 3.5 million units have been sold.

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Ensure That You Insure Wisely

April 30, 2003

You have to make every penny count but, especially in the

very physical ´¼üeld of personal training, don’t want to skimp on insurance. Quicken.com’s Karen Cheney says that, although rising insurance premiums are practically unavoidable, you can avoid paying more than is absolutely necessary.

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