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Lance Dalleck

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Exercise Program Order Does Matter!

February 16, 2010

Four types of training—aerobic, resistance, flexibility and balance—are each critically important for the overall health, functional capacity and quality of life of our senior clients. Health and fitness professionals can follow readily available evidence-based guidelines, provided by major health organizations, when designing training programs to positively modify these fitness components.

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Optimize Endurance Training

December 31, 2002

OOne of your clients, a recreational runner, tells you that she has just registered for a 10K road race and would appreciate your input in designing a training program. Wanting to optimize her endurance training, you do some background research and discover that lactate threshold is the best predictor of endurance performance. However, in your reading, ventilatory threshold, anaerobic threshold and other obscure terms are cited as the same physiological event. Intrigued but confused, you wonder what all of these terms mean.

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