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Kristen Karhio

Kristen Karhio, CSCS, began her powerlifting and kettlebell training as a Division 1 heptathlete for San Diego State Uni­versity. While working as an assistant track-and-field coach, she became NSCA-certified. In February 2011, she co-founded KOR Strength and Conditioning in San Diego. For more information, visit www.mykorstrength.com.

Article Archive

Core Strength With Kettlebells

February 16, 2012

Your program director invested in a set of kettlebells for the group fitness studio, and you’ve attended the introductory workshop on proper form and basic teaching skills. However, you don’t feel confident enough to lead participants through a selection of drills. There’s no need to let the kettlebells rust in the corner of the studio! Use the core section of your next class to teach students three simple and effective moves.

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