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Karen Asp

As far as she can remember, Karen Asp, MA, is a health and fitness writer who has written for Shape, Fitness, Walking and Fit Pregnancy. She’s also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who often forgets there are only 24 hours in a day.

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How to Design Hot Cardio Warm Ups

August 31, 2002

If you’re like most group fitness instructors, you’ve probably devoted a good deal of time to planning
innovative cardio workouts for your participants. But how much time have you spent worrying about the warm-ups for your cardio classes? Your cardio warm-ups may last only 5 or 10 minutes, but they deserve your attention, too.

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The Role of Stretching Exercises: From Warm-Ups to Cool-Downs

October 31, 2001

Some controversy surrounds the role that stretching exercises play in regard to fitness training, especially group fitness classes. Perhaps more than ever, debate is brewing about the proper time and place to stretch. Exactly when and what type of stretching exercises do we need to include in our classes? Although little definitive research is available on the subject, fitness experts are trying to reach a consensus.

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Creating a Thriving, Healthy Hybrid

May 31, 2001

Develop a green thumb and your fitness career may blossom into something greater. Sound
farfetched? Not if you follow the lead of skilled gardeners and try hybridization.

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Get Tough With Tubing

October 31, 2000


By Karen Asp, MA

Get Tough With Tubing


ith so much new equipment emerging all the time, it’s easy to forget about those tried-and-true elastic tubes and bands. But guess what? They are making a strong comeback in group fitness classes. And for a good reason: Used well, they really work! If you review a few principles and get a creative jumpstart, you can rediscover elastic resistanc…

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Memorize and Be Memorable

March 31, 2000

You’re a whiz at creating choreography. Now if only you could remember the combinations every time you taught. Or maybe you’re one of those people who can remember every face you see, but when you have to put a name to a face, your memory freezes.
Do these scenarios sound familiar? Then read on. Memory experts and veteran instructors have a few unforgettable tips for strengthening your memory. Give these suggestions a try, and remembering names and choreography will soon be a snap.

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