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Juliane Arney

Juliane Arney

Juliane ÔÇ£JulzÔÇØ Arney is a dance-fitness specialist with 18 years' experience, lead master trainer for Schwinn┬« Cycling professional education, author, group exercise programming consultant and the star/creator of multiple dance video productions. Certifications: ACE, AFAA

Article Archive

Sample Class: Flash Mob Dance!

March 29, 2012

Imagine you’re shopping in the mall when you hear Beyoncé’s girl-power anthem “Single Ladies” over the house speakers. One by one, dancers—whom you thought were shoppers like yourself—begin mimicking the moves from the infamous video until nearly 100 people of all shapes and sizes are performing en masse. You can’t help but smile, and you’re dying to join in!

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Sample Class: Dance Boogie Blend

April 21, 2010

Today, the realm of dance exercise is broader than ever. But how do you keep class fresh without spending hours on choreography (or becoming a professional choreographer)? Using two simple methods for creating choreography—both of which feed directly into how you teach—you maximize your music, serve up new routines and cut preparation time to a…

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Refine Your Instruction: Delicious Yog-ahh

September 8, 2009

Yoga is yummy for the body, mind and soul. Good yoga teachers know how to turn their classes into cravings students can’t live without. If you’ve added yoga to your format repertoire, you’ve most likely mastered several teaching techniques that translate smoothly to the yoga studio. In this article, we’ll break down five specific areas you can further develop to make the next class even more of a delicious treat.

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Music Matters!

March 31, 2006

Group fitness music is more diverse, accessible and personal than ever before. Since the days of dancing to LPs, music has been the main companion in an instructor’s professional sidecar. Music inspires, connects and has the power to change moods. There is no better motivational magic than seeing the energy shift in class as a song you handpicked begins to play. Music is your au…

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Sample Class: The Kids Wanna Dance!

February 28, 2005

Call it dance. Call it exercise. When kids move to music, they call it fun! Kids’ fitness programs are gaining momentum in schools, community centers, dance studios, g…

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You Should Be in Pictures!

December 31, 2004

Author’s Note: All media formats (VHS, DVD, etc.) are referred to as “video” in this article.

There was a time when fitness celebrities …

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Become a Music Master

April 30, 2004

If you’re like most group fitness instructors, having current and motivational music has always been a priority. The right tunes can make a big difference in your classes. Luckily, good songs have never been more accessible. Whether you need an entire CD of indoor cycling songs or just one track for your cardio cool-down, downloading music from the Internet may be the way to go.

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